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USSPs Performance Requirements

U-space airspaces might come with specific performance requirements for USSPs. At the time of writing, there were no example available of such differences between U-space airspaces. As a theoretical illustration, the update frequency for Network identification might be shorter in areas where a higher density of operations is expected compared to areas with lower density of UAS operations.

Standards used in U-space


The illustration below summarizes the steps required for a USSP aiming at providing services in various EASA Member States. The key distinction in the diagram is the difference between the certification itself (above) and the provision of services in a specific Member State (below). The certification happens at organizational level. The goal for the competent authority is to establish with an appropriate level of confidence that the legal entity applying to becoming a USSP has the necessary management structure, processes, equipment and financial means.

In Switzerland, the certification process is led by FOCA. Any USSP that was certified in another Member State can directly apply for starting their operation to FOCA.

USSP certification flow



Automated testing framework

Organizational and financial oversight