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Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/666 amending Regulation (EU) No 923/2012 as regards requirements for manned aviation operating in U-space airspace states in Article 1(2)(c) Manned aircraft operating in airspace designated by the competent authority as a U-space airspace, and not provided with an air traffic control service by the ANSP, shall continuously make themselves electronically conspicuous to the U-space service providers.

Three means of compliance are possible:

  • an ADS-B out system
  • systems using the SRD 860 frequency band, like FLARM or the Open Glider Network
  • and, in the future, standardised mobile telecommunication network services coordinated for aerial use (under consideration at EASA)

The data to be transmitted are defined in Appendix 1 to AMC1 SERA.6005(c). They contains items such as the aircraft address, time, aircraft identification, emergency status, velocity, track as well as capabilities and status. The data must be collected by USSPs active in U-space airspaces with uncontrolled traffic and be made available to UAS operators as part of the Traffic information service