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Common information services (CIS) are a set of data defined in Article 5 of the Implementing regulation (EU) 2021/664. It is the responsibility of FOCA to ensure that all the data are available for each U-space airspace at the appropriate level of quality. Although the European regulation provides an option to designate a unique provider for common information services, FOCA does not intend to use it. In the Swiss context, the default setting of decentralized common information service providers offers maximum flexibility and minimize costs by leveraging existing infrastructure.

The concept of common information services supersedes the flight information management system (FIMS) introduced in the previous versions of the ConOps.

Common Information Services Providers

There are three Common information services providers in Switzerland


  • U-space airspaces as geographical zones as a file in the ED-269 format, and for each U-space airspace:
    • a list of certified U-space service providers offering U-space services in the U-space airspace (format and delivery mechanism to be defined)
    • the UAS capabilities and performance requirements, the U-space services performance requirements, and the applicable operational conditions and airspace constraints (format and delivery mechanism to be defined)
  • UAS geographical zones relevant to the U-space airspace as a file in the ED-269 format
  • static and dynamic airspace restrictions defined by the relevant authorities as a file in the ED-269 format. Airspace restrictions originally published as NOTAM are provided by skyguide[1] but made available in a consolidated way by FOCA.


  • Traditional Traffic Information (format and delivery mechanism to be provided by skyguide as part of the arrangements with the air traffic services providers[2])
  • Dynamic airspace reconfiguration in the ED-269 format (delivery mechanism to be provided by skyguide)

U-space service providers

  • U-space service providers Terms and Conditions

CIS Data Provision.png

Access to CIS data

Common information services cover a wide range of data that can be grouped in three main categories:

Airspace data

All data related to the airspace structure relevant to UAS operations are consolidated in the Geo-awareness service provided to operators by USSPs.

Traffic data

Traffic data part of the CIS are provided by skyguide to USSPs. They are consolidated with other relevant traffic data (UAS and available uncontrolled traffic) as part of the Traffic information service provided to operators by USSPs.

USSP data

The list of available USSPs for each U-space airspace is provided directly by FOCA (link and process to be defined). Each USSP is responsible of making their terms and conditions for each U-space airspace publicly available (process to be defined).

CIS Data Access.png

  1. Based on Annex 1 of SR 748.132.1 (available in German, French and Italian)
  2. See Art. 7.3 of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/664